Roofing Repair for Various Types of Homes

You roof can suffer damage from any number of causes, including trees that topple onto the roof during bad storms, ice dams that build up along eaves during winter months, and heavy winds that lift or tear shingles away from underlying plywood. Some damage can be so extreme that the entire roof might need to be replaced. In other situations, you may be able to repair the damage without replacing the entire roof. Your decision to repair or replace will depend upon the extent of the damage, the overall age of the roof, and the type of roof on your house.


If your roof is more than twenty years old and the damage has affected more than one fourth of the roof, you may be better served by replacing the entire roof. Chances are, you will need to replace the roof within the next few years anyway. Spending any amount of money to do repairs on an older roof will be a stopgap that only defers the ultimate roof replacement.


If the roof is not very old and the damages are repairable, the actual repairs that are done will vary with the style of your roof and the materials that need to be repaired or replaced.


Standard Asphalt or Architectural Shingles


Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material on houses in central and southern Ohio. Your biggest challenge with replacing damaged asphalt shingles may well be matching any new shingles to the existing shingles without creating an obvious contrasting patch on your roof. Your contractor should remove all shingles that have been torn or damaged as well as any shingles that show signs of tearing away from underlying plywood. At the same time, the contractor should inspect that plywood for decay or or other damage, and replace any sub-roofing that is severely degraded.


Wooden Shingles and Shakes


Cedar shakes and other wooden shingles enhance a house’s aesthetics while providing resistance to rot or insect infestations. Individual wood shingles are easy to replace, but as with asphalt shingles, getting a close match between new and existing wood shingles may be difficult. Wood fades and discolors with age, and new wood shingles will not have the same faded patina as weathered shingles.


Ceramic Tile and Masonry

Smaller holes or cracks in masonry roofing materials can be repaired with roofing cement, but ceramic tiles that are broken or completely cracked should be replaced. Your roofing contractor will need to carefully break away any pieces of the broken tile, then apply a layer of roofing cement before installing the replacement tile. Repairing tile roofing is best left for an experienced professional.




Slate roofs can last for generations, but slate tiles can be broken under extreme conditions. Slate roofing repairs, however, require special tools and knowledge, and should be left to specialists who understand the challenges of working with slate and who will not cause more damage while replacing a single tile.


The technicians and specialists at Advantage Window & Door Company in Columbus, Ohio, can repair damage to any type of roof. We will evaluate your specific situation and make the right recommendation to correct any problems or to complete any roof replacements that may be required. If you have questions about roofing repairs on your house, please contact our support staff at 614-532-4693 to schedule a consultation with one of our representatives.


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