3 Factors That Can Affect Patio Door Installation Costs

Homeowners who spend a significant amount of time creating a peaceful and serene landscape want to incorporate this outdoor space into their living area. The easiest way to help blend the interior and exterior of your home is to install a patio door. Patio doors create unobstructed views of your yard and help natural light flow into your home.
Installing a new patio door can be fairly inexpensive, but there are some variations between doors that can affect installation costs. Be sure to factor in these three elements when calculating the cost of new patio doors for your home.
1. Style
Patio doors come in a variety of styles. There are traditional sliding glass patio doors that require no space to open and close. There are also swinging patio doors that can be hinged on the outside of the door (like French doors) or hinged in the middle of a set of patio doors.
Sliding doors are by far the most affordable option because these types of patio doors do not require additional hardware or framing. Swinging patio doors can create a more elegant and sophisticated passageway between your home and yard.
Since swinging doors require hinges, door handles, and other hardware, the installation costs for these style of doors can be a little higher.
2. Material
Another factor that might affect the cost of having a new patio door installed on your property is the material the new door is made from. Modern patio doors can be constructed using wood, vinyl, or fiberglass.
Wood doors lend a custom look to your living space, but these doors can be costly to manufacture and require a lot of ongoing maintenance. Fiberglass doors are more affordable that patio doors made from wood, but these doors will deteriorate over time and need to be replaced.
Vinyl is your best option if you want a patio door that will look great without breaking the bank. Vinyl patio doors can mimic the appearance of wood without the associated maintenance. Doors made from vinyl are also durable enough to withstand exposure to the elements, making vinyl doors a good option for your patio.
3. Upgrades
When having new patio doors installed, you should consider adding upgrades that will make your doors more convenient in the future. Some popular upgrades include blinds encased between the door's glass panes, custom hardware, and screens.
Encased blinds allow you to control the amount of light coming through your patio doors without dangerous and unsightly cords hanging down. Upgrading the hardware on your patio doors allows you to match the style and finish of the hardware with the rest of your home. This will maintain design continuity and create a more aesthetic living space.
The addition of a screen to your patio doors is essential. A screen can serve as a barrier against bugs and pests while your patio doors are open. You will be able to enjoy the cool breezes and pleasant scents that filter into your home through your patio doors without worrying about unwanted guests.
Patio doors can be more expensive to install that traditional interior doors. This is due to the fact that patio doors tend to be larger and more difficult to handle. More time and effort is required to complete a patio door installation, which explains the higher installation cost.
You can control costs by selecting a new patio door that is an affordable style, is made from vinyl materials, and has only the most beneficial upgrades. The experts at Advantage Window & Door Company can help guide you through the process of picking out the perfect patio door. Give us a call for a free in-home estimate today.