3 Reasons to Replace Your Siding and Windows Simultaneously

The easiest way to breathe new life into a drab exterior is to replace the vinyl siding that covers your home. You can replace old and dented siding that has been damaged by weather, and you can even choose a new color and give your entire home a new look.
If you are thinking about investing in new siding, consider investing in replacement windows at the same time. Rolling these two home improvement projects into one can help you save time and money and improve the durability and aesthetic of your home's exterior. Plus, you only have to go through one round of construction if you make multiple updates at once.
Keep the following three benefits in mind when determining whether or not you should replace your home's siding and windows simultaneously.
1. Precise Capping
If you look closely at the existing windows in your home, you will see a frame that extends all the way around each window. The frame serves as a barrier against air and water transfer, helping to improve the energy efficiency of your home.
Whenever windows are replaced, the wood frame surrounding the new windows must be capped with vinyl or aluminum. These capping materials help protect the wood against rot and reduce the amount of maintenance required to maintain the structural integrity of your windows.
Precise capping is critical to the performance of new windows. When you opt to have windows and siding replaced at the same time, your contractor will be able to have a bare surface on which capping can take place. Vinyl siding can then be installed over the top of the window capping to create the most waterproof and airtight seal possible.
2. Reduced Waste
Each of your home's windows is equipped with a moisture barrier that is installed underneath the frame and capping. This moisture barrier does exactly what its name implies — it prevents moisture from penetrating your home's building envelope.
The edges of the moisture barrier extend beyond each window's frame and capping and are covered with the siding that protects your home's exterior. When the siding on your home is replaced, the moisture barrier can become damaged.
Your contractor will have to replace the moisture barrier prior to adding new siding and then install another moisture barrier in the near future when you decide to replace your windows. Each window must be caulked and sealed twice when you opt to install new siding and windows separately.
If you want to utilize fewer construction materials, keep costs low, and reduce waste, then replace both the siding and windows in your home at the same time.
3. Improved Aesthetic
One of the main reasons that homeowners invest in new siding for the exterior of their homes is to improve curb appeal. In order for replacement windows to be installed, sections of siding surrounding the window will have to be removed in order to access the moisture barrier and capping.
Cutting into your new vinyl siding can be costly. It could also compromise the aesthetic of your home's exterior. You run the risk of having your siding look pieced together or varying slightly in color when you don't replace your windows and siding simultaneously. However, you can create a seamless exterior by having your contractor install new siding and replacement windows together.

New siding and windows can improve the appearance of your home as well as save you time, energy, and resources. If you are ready to boost your home's curb appeal, contact Advantage Window and Door Company to discuss the replacement of your siding and windows, including a free in-home quote.