5 Windows That Take Advantage of a Killer View

If you have a particularly spectacular view, you want to choose the right windows to make the most of it. While you might think that windows are windows, there are actually a few that can make your view really pop. Here are five great window choices that will help accentuate the view around your home.

1. Bay or Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows provide a fun space indoors from which to enjoy a killer view outside. They expand outward from an exterior wall — usually in a three-sided or four-sided geometric shape — to allow for more window space.

Installing one of these windows is a great way to provide extra viewing angles and space from indoors. Plus, bay windows often have a seat that is placed along the interior to provide extra room to enjoy the outdoors comfortably. If you don’t install a bench, you could also place a little seating area near the window.

The main difference between bay windows and bow windows is that bay windows feature a large, unobstructed single-panel window in the center while bow windows have more traditional panes. The latter tends to allow more light, which could affect your view.

2. Picture Windows

A picture window, as its name suggests, is a window that creates an effect of framing your beautiful view. A picture window is a large window that features no sash inside the frame, removing the horizontal and vertical lines that normally hold the glass panes. The result is a huge, open expanse of glass that's perfect for highlighting both the interior and exterior views.

A picture window will likely become the centerpiece of the room it's in, so use it as a focal point. Furniture and traffic patterns should emphasize the window and the view beyond it, while treatments can be used as a beautifying frame.

3. Sliding Windows

Sliding or gliding windows are relatively tame in appearance but have the advantage of sliding from side to side. Sliding windows are excellent choices to take advantage of a view in a room that doesn't offer a lot of dramatic height but could accentuate a wider view. And like picture windows, they generally have few or no sashes to interrupt your view. Unlike picture windows, however, sliding windows open to allow an even more unobstructed view.

4. Window Walls

Window walls are usually found in modern homes that want to accentuate a beautiful view. They are wall-size expanses of glass that literally replaces a side of any exterior room. You will feel like you're outdoors without the exposure to the elements. Window walls generally feature a sliding door entrance that may even be designed to slide back to be nearly invisible.

Be cautious about adding a window wall, though. You need to make sure that the sunlight won't make the room any hotter. And be sure to add good insulation to the walls around the window wall.

5. Custom Windows

Of course, if you have an unusual space or a specific kind of home architecture, there's nothing like a custom window to make it pop. You can customize elements like the shape of the window, how many panes and sashes it has, the size, and the colors of glass inside. A customized frame like this can enhance a modest view and turn it into a stunning one.

Which window is best for your particular outdoor view? It depends on your home, your budget, and your style. If you need help, the window pros at Advantage Window & Door Company can help you pick out just the right features for any room. Call for a free in-home quote today.