Is It Time to Replace Your Roof?

  New roofs with standard or architectural shingles will generally last anywhere from 20 to 50 years before they need replacement. This is only a general rule of thumb, however, and not a prescription to ignore your roof for twenty or more years. All roofs are subject to environmental stresses and extreme weather conditions that [...]

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Are Casement Windows Energy Efficient?

Homeowners can be excused for thinking that casement windows are less efficient than sliding windows. A standard sliding windows moves up and down in its frame, whereas a casement window pivots outward along a vertical or horizontal hinge. Opening the window outward exposes a much greater area that can allow leakage of warmed or cooled [...]

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Roofing Repair for Various Types of Homes

You roof can suffer damage from any number of causes, including trees that topple onto the roof during bad storms, ice dams that build up along eaves during winter months, and heavy winds that lift or tear shingles away from underlying plywood. Some damage can be so extreme that the entire roof might need to [...]

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Best Windows for Colonial Style Homes

Most designers and architects agree that gridded windows are ideal for colonial style homes. 17th-century colonial builders had little option but to use smaller glass panes that were secured in square grid patterns because glass was expensive and large glass panes were unavailable. The 21st century gives designers and architects far more window options at [...]

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The Benefits of High End Sliding Door

Sliding doors are not all created equal. You will likely have had some experience, either in your own home or in a friend’s, with a patio door that got stuck in its tracks or that leaked cold or hot air due to poor insulation. If you are considering installing or replacing a sliding door, you [...]

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5 Questions to Ask About Replacement Windows

  New window styles and construction techniques have increased the options that a homeowner will have for replacement windows. Those multiple options will assure a homeowner that he will be able to find replacement windows that fit his budget and needs, but they can also make his decision more complicated by giving him an excess [...]

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Hiring a Roofing Company

A good roof will last twenty to thirty years, and most homeowners will hire a roofing company only once or twice in all the time they own their houses. Without regular repeat business that gives a homeowner an idea of the contractor’s abilities and the quality of its workmanship, the homeowner can only rely on [...]

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Alside Introduces Triple Pane Mezzo Windows

Alside has long been recognized as one of North America’s leading manufacturers of exterior building products. Contractors and homeowners alike have appreciated the quality and technology in Alside’s Mezzo windows, which the company introduced in 2014. Alside’s announcement of its release of triple pane Mezzo windows in early 2016 was met with fanfare and accolades [...]

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Pros and Cons of Bay Windows

A properly-installed bay or bow window can instantly improve a house’s curb appeal while expanding the impression of the house’s interior space and bringing extra light into that space. These assets do not mean that bay or bow windows are a good choice for every house, and  they may not have the same appeal for [...]

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