Selling Your Home? 5 Ways to Add Curb Appeal for a Better Sale

When selling a home, curb appeal is key to making the best first impression. The look of your home as potential buyers arrive at the curb and get out of their cars has become an essential tool for getting a good price and quick sale. So how can you boost the curb appeal of your house for sale? Here are five tips for any budget.
1. Upgrade the Entry Door
The entrance to your home is the first impression it will make on buyers. So make the front door and porch warm and inviting. Simple changes could include updating the hardware or painting and cleaning up the porch.
If the door itself is old and faded, you can get a lot of benefit from installing a new one. Take inspiration from the architecture and style of the house so that you find an entry door that matches well. But look for ways to make it stand out, perhaps by opting for a style with sidelights that add natural lighting and width. Or you could opt for an impressive double door or a bold, standout shade of paint.
2. Spruce Up Landscaping
Take a close look at how your front yard landscaping appears in all conditions. If you have only a small budget, clean up debris in the yard and trim back bushes or unsightly plants. Mow and edge the lawn, then add a layer of mulch to flower beds and around trees. Water everything well so that it grows nice and lush.
For a quick landscape makeover, purchase some containers and hanging pots from the local nursery and fill them with colorful flowers and ornamental grasses. Containers have the advantage of being mobile and easy to replace when blooms fade.
3. Replace Worn Siding
Siding can wear out from constant exposure to the elements. While this may not be a big issue for the safety and comfort of the house, it does give the impression that you aren't doing regular maintenance.
If you have a few worn or damaged shingles, then replace them and match the color to existing exterior paint. If it's more than just a few shingles, then consider replacing the entire front siding with a fresh and updated look. As you assess the siding, take a look at window trim to see if that could use an update at the same time.
4. Update an Old Garage Door
Your garage door is one of the largest aspects of the home's front exterior, and it can have a big effect on your home’s overall appearance. Is your garage door warped, faded, or dented? Does it simply look like it's been there since the 1980s? If so, consider upgrading it with a new, more modern style.
Different garage door styles can result in changing the tone of the house, so research all your options before deciding. Along with traditional sliding overhead doors, there are modern carriage-style doors, single-panel overheads, and modern glass-paned variations.
5. Paint the Exterior
A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any walls, whether inside or outside of the home. If your budget doesn't allow for a lot of replacement materials, then this is a budget-friendly way to brighten up the home's impression.
When choosing a color scheme, most homeowners find that a somewhat neutral color works for the main walls alongside a bolder or lighter shade for trim. This style of palette allows potential buyers to picture their own style on the home's exterior.
For more help adding curb appeal to your particular house within any budget, talk to the exterior experts at Advantage Window and Door Company today. We have helped many Ohio families make the best use of their renovation budgets, and we can help you too.